WAIT! Innovate Before Buying Appliances

WAIT! Innovate Before Buying Appliances

Don’t purchase your appliances before finalising your kitchen design.

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Discuss Technology Before Buying

With so many innovations in kitchen design, our advice is to discuss the latest technology and trends to suit your kitchen and lifestyle needs with a qualified kitchen designer before you purchase your appliances. Doing this will ensure you get the best from your new kitchen, ultimately adding value to your home and enriching the cooking experience.

Beware of the Appliance Salesman!

Why should I wait? My appliance store is offering such a great deal? At Flair Cabinet’s this is a story we’ve heard one too many times: greedy appliance store sales people, urging a ‘buy it now’ new appliance package sale, all with the aim of increasing their own hip pocket, without any consideration of your kitchen design floor plan, lifestyle aspects and special requirements.

Fine-tune Your Lifestyle Goals

At Flair Cabinets we’re experts is fine-tuning your lifestyle goals, focusing on your family, your lifestyle aims, your entertaining wishes and ultimately working to present an intelligent, carefully thought out kitchen, bathroom or commercial design; all before choosing what appliances should be installed.

Advances in  European Appliance Technology

Flair Cabinets offers an advanced collection of European appliance technology, including pyrolytic (self-cleaning) ovens, induction cooktops and combi-steam ovens. We can also offer ovens designed to cater for even the largest of families, black glass gas cooktops, quiet and efficient rangehoods, and a new range of dishwashers including freestanding, integrated, semi-integrated and black glass; you can even add a wine cabinet or beverage centre.

Play the Right Moves

Buying your appliances when designing your kitchen gives you more control and choice in overall design. It makes sense to purchase a kitchen and appliance package together, and for many years, this has been the successful European model. Flair Cabinets has experience in correctly installing a range of modern appliances and understands their specific requirements. This gives assurance that your new kitchen will not only look its best, but ensure that all appliances arrive on time and have been installed correctly.

Some of the benefits of purchasing appliances AFTER you design a new kitchen with Flair Cabinets:

  • Control the overall kitchen budget
  • One point of contact for your kitchen and appliance purchase
  • Choose from the complete range
  • On-time delivery
  • Three-year warranty
  • National service network and support

Featured Appliances

BSPO615 Pyrolytic Cleaning Oven

Studio Solari pyrolytic ovens burn off grease and fatty deposits produced from everyday cooking saving you time and effort cleaning the oven interior. No need to use chemicals on the non-porous oven enamel, simply wipe out residue with a damp sponge. Healthier, quicker and cheaper than buying all the traditional items to clean your oven, ask your kitchen designer for a Studio Solari pyrolytic oven today.


BSCS45 Compact Combination Steam Oven

Not just a steam oven, the Studio Solari combi-steam oven gives you the flexibility of a traditional and a steam oven in one compact unit. Whether you are cooking multiple levels of pastries on fan forced, steaming to retain nutrients, flavours and texture of your food or roasting on combi-steam you can get restaurant quality results every time. This stylish compact oven is packed with features you would expect to pay more


BSIH64 60cm Induction Cooktop

4 cooking zones
1 expandable zone
Frameless ceramic glass surface
Touch control operation
2 independent induction generators


BH98BS 90cm Canopy Rangehood

750m3/hr extraction capacity
Black aluminium
& stainless steel finish
3 speed electronic push button control
2 x LED lights


BWC319 300MM Wine Storage, 19 Bottle Built Under

19 bottle wine chiller
58 litre capacity
Clear tempered glass with a rimless black frame
Blue internal illumination
6 black wire shelves with beech wood trim
Internal touch control operation
Red digital display
Temperature range 5-22°C
Maintains 50-80% humidity
Auto defrosting
Reversible door
2 year Warranty

Baumatic BWC319

BBC6178 600MM Beverage Centre Builtin

178 (330ml) can chiller
145 litre capacity
Smoked tempered glass with rimless black frame
Recessed handle and top handle
3 wire shelves beech wood trim
Internal touch control operation
Red digital display
Blue internal illumination
Temperature range 2 – 20°C
Maintains 50-80% humidity
Auto defrosting
Door lock
Reversible do

Baumatic BBC6178