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Custom Flat-Pack Solutions

Believe it or not, you’re looking at the kind of flat-pack cabinets solutions that Flair Cabinets can provide using on-trend, luxurious laminate surfaces from leading Australian manufacturers such as Polytec, Laminex and Formica.

Whether you require a flat-pack kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinet and benchtop solutions to get the job done right, Flair Cabinets can custom manufacturer millimetre perfect, made-to-measure flat-packs that will enhance the beauty and investment potential of any home or office.

Wider Range of Laminates – Unlimited Choice

Unlike some big brand hardware stores, that provide a limited range of laminate and benchtop surface choices, Flair Cabinets offers a virtually unlimited range of popular laminate choices from leading brands such as Laminex, Formica and Polytec. Visit our Wodonga showroom to customised your selection and learn more.

Engineered Stone Benchtops are Possible

When you purchase a flat-pack kitchen with Flair Cabinets you’re not limited to just laminate surface benchtops. Flair Cabinets can custom manufacture full-imported Granite Transformations benchtop surfaces to order; incorporating brilliant features such as durability, heat resistance, a wide range of composite stone and glass finishes and added beauty and elegance.

Computer CAD 3D Drawings inclusive

Question: When is a flat-pack not your average flat-pack?
Answer: When you choose a custom-designed flat-pack cabinet solution with Flair Cabinets.

Using 3D CAD software, your flat-pack cabinet solution is custom designed to your specifications, making the solution fit the application with perfection and ease of install.

ArmourTech Paint Technology: Advantages that Outweigh the Competition

Flat packs should be both durable and beautiful, and at Flair Cabinets you can choose to create a flat-pack solution in any colour using the impressively tough ArmourTech polyurethane 2-pac paint technology; exclusive to Flair Cabinets. Why not visit our Wodonga showroom to learn more?

Maintenance and Support 

Have you had a bad experience with flat-packs in the past; purchasing from a supplier that doesn’t offer first-rate after sales service?

At Flair Cabinets you can expect superior customer service. Need some help fine tuning an install?

We’re Here to Help!

Do you have any technical questions, or do you require a little ‘hands-on’ support to complete that perfect install? Flair Cabinets is ready to help – you’d only need ask.

A Flair Cabinets flat-pack kitchen solution can look as good as this, using Polytec