Granite Transformations – Trascenda Marble Collection

Granite Transformations Australia has now unearthed the exclusive Trascenda Marble Collection. A luxurious and timeless finish combining the elegant look of marble with the benefits of engineered stone.

Complimenting Granite Transformations popular Trend Surfaces range, the introduction of the timeless Trascenda Marble Collection, an engineered stone range that brings a traditional charm to your surface in a modern and unique way.




In the city of Carrara, they say that the owners of the Betogli quarries, where there’s the statuary marble, share one single progenitor: a quarryman born in the small town of  Torano who received the land as a gift in 1818 from his lover: the Duchess Maria Beatrice D’Este.

Maybe there’s something true there, since until some decades ago, most of the quarry owners in that place bore the same last name. The stories of quarries is the story of many families, but as it can happen, with many decades of usage, sooner or later some of them can end.

Today, almost two hundred years later, some of these marbles are slowly disappearing and sooner rather than later they will no longer be available. For this reason Granite Transformations wanted to celebrate a marble like the Statuario Venato as it is such a classic.



Calacatta is the fresh summer version of the Statuario.

Quarried in the same area, it is a darling of architects and designers because of its softer more gentle tones.

Calacatta is considered the marble of the people, because it was used for the construction of the United Nations building in New York.



Carrara marble has been quarried for more than two thousand years. Quarrying began with the Etruscans and immediately afterwards the Romans created the first forms of large-scale extraction.

From Carrara came the marble that Michelangelo used for his major works and today more than ever the white variety, Bianco Carrara, is used for premium works.

For inhabitants of Carrara the marble quarries are their history, culture, pride and passion, and represent far more than quarrying. Granite Transformations selected this marble, included in its collection, because its history is engraved in the Italian heritage and in so many art works that are displayed all over the world.


Portland White

Portland White is inspired by the natural-look, vintage cement floor at the entrance to Orsoni – a nineteenth-century furnace in Venice, Italy.

This beautifully-aged floor was made using the first cement from the island of Portland in the English Channel. It serves as a wonderful example of how Granite Transformations has excelled in developing the four new Marble Collection engineered surfaces.


Portland Silver

Portland cement was developed from natural cements made in Britain in the middle of the 18th century. From nature to a man-made effort to celebrate nature, Portland teaches us a lesson: everything changes. Because of this rich history, we wanted to dedicate a collection to the Isle of Portland. Portland White and Portland Silver are the first 2 colors of this collection.