FAQs – Price of Kitchens

How much will my kitchen renovation cost?

It’s difficult to give an estimate without seeing the space and going through your needs and desires. There is no standard base model from which to assess kitchen prices. Kitchens vary in price due to the different materials selected, design complexity, features and fixtures, bench-top and splash-back materials, appliances and trade components. Be assured that we will work with you to unsure the highest quality cabinetry for your allocated budget and you will be getting the BEST VALUE for your hard earned dollar by dealing with Flair Cabinets. Kitchens are becoming to be the epicentre of the home, one of the most important and frequently used areas.

How does Flair's pricing compare to other kitchen companies?

As a company with large purchasing volumes of quality materials we generally have lower material costs than our competitors, which means you can have more of what you want with us. The factory operates very efficiently with an extremely low rejection rate utilising fully trained trades personnel, production costs are lower than our competitors, we can concentrate on delivering better service and better value kitchens to our clients.

We are EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE. The price of your kitchen is directly related to its size and complexity.

What’s the best way to reduce costs and stay on budget ?

There are many and varied ways and these include:

  • Don’t complicate the job, keep it simple
  • More details = greater expense
  • Keep to a standard selection of materials and appliances

(Our Sales team will work with you to design a kitchen to suit your budget)

Reduced Costs: Can I do some of the work myself?

We are sometimes asked by clients if they can perform some of the work themselves to save money. Of course, any work that is not structural or required to be performed by licensed tradesmen such as plumbing and electrical work you are welcome to do yourself. Typically this would be restricted to demolition and painting. To gain the maximum protection and confidence afforded by our comprehensive warranties and guarantees, it is advisable to trust Flair Cabinets to execute the complete job. In some cases where people perform their own work thinking they are saving money, longer term it can cost more if there is a problem.

Do you organise other trades?

YES, we are more than happy to organise and project manage other trades for you (plumber, electrician, plasterer  painter ).  However, it is also okay for you to organise your own trades if you prefer. If you organise trades please give us their name and contact details so that our production manager can contact them with scheduling details.